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Products For Medicine was incorporated in 1989 and is a small business. We manufacture an entire family of Surgical Headlights and Xenon Light Sources both for the medical/dental and OEM markets in our state-of-the-art 7,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Anaheim, CA.

We offer a wide spectrum of tools and supplies for the medical professional, as well as a comprehensive repair facility for light sources, xenon lamp modules, fiber optic headlights, fiber optic cables, flexible endoscopes, rigid endoscopes and camera heads. Our complete line of fiber optic light sources and surgical headlights including the powerful WhiteSun 300-Watt Xenon Light Source, WhiteStar 175-Watt Xenon Light Source, and a variety of others are completely suited to meet your illumination requirements and budget. Financing is available.

We also manufacture an array of comfortable fiber optic headlight solutions and fiber optic cables for use with headlight systems or in endoscopy/laparoscopy procedures. For your sterilization needs, Products For Medicine provides an assortment of disposable products for use in sterilization tray systems such as Genesis and Aesculap as well as a collection of versatile Steam / ETO / Hydrogen Peroxide sterilization containers, trays, mats and complete modular scope holder systems.

Products For Medicine also manufactures our patented disposable full face shields for use in the prevention of contamination via bodily fluids, merging comfort and reliability in one unique and affordable package. Our complete line of medical replacement lamps and timers as well as entire lamp modules and sockets are necessary for every need in today's hospitals. We will match or beat anyone’s prices!

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