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Products For Medicine Fiber Optic Parts Page

Fiber optics is the field of creating flexible, transparent fibers of glass that can function in several ways to transmit light or waves for a variety of purposes.  Fiber optic cable parts are often used in communications and other practical applications in which a large amount of information must be transmitted across a long distance in a short amount of time.  For most people, the term "fiber optics" calls to mind computer applications rather than any of the other numerous uses for this incredible technology.

However, communication is not the only use for fiber optic cable parts.  The use of fiber optics in medicine is a field that is not as well-known as telephone or cable television use of fiber optics but it is, in some ways, even more important.  Fiber optics in medicine has save many lives and saved many patients from uncomfortable or even dangerous procedures.

Medical Fiber Optic Use

The application of medical fiber optic cable has made life easier in many ways for physicians.  However, the most important benefit of medical fiber optics is undoubtedly the fact that it has made many procedures less invasive for patients.

Fiber optics are used to allow doctors to view the inside of the body through a very small opening rather than using the old surgical method of "exploratory" procedures.  Using fiber optics in this way offers several important benefits to patients:

  • Less pain from surgical procedures.

  • Less chance of accidental damage to internal organs.

  • Less chance of post-operative infections.

  • Ability to perform many procedures using local rather than general anesthetic.

One of the most familiar uses of medical fiber optics is the endoscope.  The endoscope is used to inspect the inside of the body remotely.  A physician simply makes a very small incision in the patient's body and inserts the endoscopic tube for the procedure.

How Does Medical Fiber Optic Equipment Work?

In the case of the endoscope, two medical fiber optic parts are used.  First is the complex or coherent bundle of fibers transmit the image from inside the body as a picture that the doctor can see.  The outer circle or incoherent fibers project light in order to make it possible to see the organ in question.  There may also be a third set of fibers that transmit a laser beam.  Known sometimes as "laser optics," this type of fiber optic technology can be used to perform small surgeries or procedures.  This allows the doctor to quickly correct problems without having to perform new surgery.  Fiber optic devices may also be used to take temperatures, measure blood pressure or perform other routine assessments.

There are other uses for fiber optic medical devices as well, although endoscopic uses are the most widely known.  Medical fiber optic devices include a number of applications, such as:

  • Flexible and rigid multifiber imaging rods

  • Low-loss optical fibers transmit laser energy for surgery

  • Photocoagulation

  • Color photography of the interior of the body

  • Remote spectrophometry

  • Position sensing

  • Scintillation counting

  • Intravascular pressure transducers

  • In vivo oximeters

In the past few years, the medical field has embraced the use of fiber optics for medical sensors.  The fact is that fiber optic equipment is much more sensitive and better able to function as sensory equipment than many former tools used in the medical field.

Finally, fiber optic lighting is becoming important in use outside the body as well.  Many doctors are moving to fiber optic headlights and other lighting to provide even illumination in the operating theater, the office and many other locations.

What Happens When Fiber Optic Equipment Malfunctions?

There are many companies that sell fiber optic equipment but do not necessarily perform
fiber optic cable repair.  In order to repair fiber optic cable, it is critical that the company in question have highly-trained technical professionals who understand how to perform these types of procedures.

While it may be relatively easy to splice fiber optic cable used in computer applications, medical fiber optics are not only far more complex but are also used for much more delicate procedures.  It is critical that the people repairing fiber optic cable used for medical procedures are not simply trained in "bulk repair" or large-scale fixes but in the minute, detailed repairs that are required for delicate medical fiber optic work.

Products for Medicine offers the highest possible level of professional service in repairing fiber optic cable and supplies.  Medical centers and physicians trust Products for Medicine to repair their most delicate equipment accurately, making it safe to use on future patients.

How Can Products for Medicine Help Me Find the Right Medical Fiber Optic Equipment?

Products for Medicine is dedicated to finding every organization, physician, surgical center and hospital the right medical equipment at the right price.  Doctors and surgical groups count on Products for Medicine to provide the latest and most technologically advanced fiber optic equipment, including:

Integra/Luxtec Fiber Optic Cable 001388LX9

Isolux Fiber Optic Cable 05-09WD or 05-09UN

Luxtec traditional Fiber Optic 00-2242-A

Integra/Luxtec Fiber Optic Cable 001388LX11

Sun Optics Titan Fiber Optic Cable SG-0087

Sun Optics Titan Fiber Optic Cable SG-0083

Sun Optics Titan Fiber Optic Cable SG-0052

Integra/Welch Allyn Fiber Optic Cable 90221

Integra/Welch Allyn Fiber Optic Cable 90220

Cuda Fiber Optic Cable SYC3500

BFW Xtreme Beam Plasma Fiber Optic Cable BFW 9865

BFW Xtreme Beam Plasma Fiber Optic Cable BFW 9860

BFW Fiber Optic Cable 7ft MID 8600

LuxtecUltralite Fiber Optic Cable 00-2300-9

LuxtecUltralite Fiber Optic Cable 00-2900-9

BFW Fiber Optic Cable 10ft MID 8610

Surgical Headlight

Products for Medicine is proud to be a trusted supplier of fiber optic and other items for discerning physicians and medical centers.  Whatever your fiber optic cable or accessory needs, Products for Medicine can provide the highest quality at reasonable prices.

Contact Products for Medicine today to find out how we can meet your fiber optic cable supply needs as well as perform professional fiber optic cable repair on any of your current equipment.