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Products for Medicine Xenon Arc Lamps

One of the greatest technological advances in the medical field in recent years has been the development of the xenon arc lamp.  A xenon arc lamp is a specialized form of gas discharge lamp that produces light by passing electricity through xenon gas.  The light produced in this way is very bright and mimics natural sunlight. 

Medical professionals use xenon arc lamps to light their work when performing surgery or procedures that require delicacy and precision.  Xenon arc lamps are available in a wide variety of models to suit almost any need.

Products for Medicine offers a wide range of xenon arc lamp products that will give medical professionals the lighting power they need for any type of procedures.  Furthermore, only Products for Medicine offers not only the best variety in xenon arc lamp products but also professional repair for fiber optic light cables and other items.

How Do Xenon Arc Lamps Work?

A xenon light source is a specialized form of the gas discharge lamp.  A gas discharge lamp sends an electrical pulse through a charged or ionized gas under pressure to produce light.  Such lamps frequently use a noble gas such as argon, krypton, neon or xenon or a mixture of these gases as well as metal halides, mercury or sodium.  The metal atoms and the free electrons collide with the gas atoms to give off infrared, visible and ultraviolet light.  Some gas discharge lamps convert the ultraviolet radiation to visible light such as the fluorescent lamp.  Gas discharge lamps are more efficient than incandescent lamps or LED lighting, although they cost more to manufacture and require ballast to control the current flow in the gas itself. 

In the case of the xenon arc lamp, ionized xenon gas at high pressure is subjected to an electrical current and produces a bright, very white light that is close to natural sunlight in its effects.  Because xenon lamps produce this extremely pure white light, they are a favorite choice in a variety of applications requiring color-true lighting.

How Are Xenon Lamps Used In Medicine?

Xenon lamps for medicine have a variety of uses.  While they are often used strictly for lighting, a new robot also allows medical professionals to use xenon light pulses to disinfect the operating room prior to surgery.  The use of xenon as a component in medical lamps covers a wide variety of applications and allows medical professionals to fully utilize this incredible diverse technology.

In order to use xenon lamps, medical professionals must have not only the correct bulbs but the light source and the modules to fit the source.  It is important, when choosing xenon lighting systems, to have the complete picture of what is required to utilize xenon arc lamp lighting.  Products for Medicine can help medical professionals find the perfect xenon lamp solutions to their lighting needs with their wide range of xenon products.

What Types of Xenon Lighting Products Does Products for Medicine Offer?

Products for Medicine offers a variety of xenon lamps and products, including:

--Xenon lamps.  Products for Medicine offers the latest in quality xenon lamps to ensure that our customers always have best products available.  Currently, we offer the following xenon lamps:

If you have any questions about which xenon lamps are appropriate for your needs please contact Products for Medicine.  One of our knowledgeable sales professionals will be happy to help you.

--Xenon lamp modules.  Modules are an important component in any xenon lighting system, and Products for Medicine offers the best in xenon lamp modules, including:

If you need help decided which xenon lamp module is right for you, contact Products for Medicine immediately.  Our trained staff can help you decide which xenon lamp module is the one you need for any type of medical procedures.

--Xenon lamp timers.  Times are necessary accessories to ensure that your xenon lamp systems function correctly and at peak capacity.  With our PCB Board Digital Timer, you can be assured that your xenon light systems will always light reliably and safely, no matter how often you use them.  The PCB Board Digital Timer is the latest in xenon lamp technology that will help you ensure that you have the right system for your medical practice.

--Xenon light source.  For a complete operating room system, our White Sun Xenon Light Source is the answer to all your lighting needs.  This portable lighting system gives you the ultimate in xenon lighting for your operating theater and makes it easy for you to have the right lighting for every procedure.  A self-contained systems, the White Sun Xenon Light Source makes a great investment in xenon lighting for all types of medical needs.

No matter what type of medical lamps you need, Products for Medicine can help.  We offer a full line of medical lamp products as well as fiber optic cables, fiber optic light sources and accessories, sterilizing equipment, lamp bulbs and lighting stands as well as head lamps.  Not only does Products for Medicine offer one of the best variety of medical lighting and other products at affordable prices, but we also offer full service in the form of repair and refurbishing by qualified technicians.  We even offer financing to help smaller doctor's offices or clinics make the move to the latest in lighting technology.  With Products for Medicine, you will find everything you need for medical lighting in one spot.

Contact Products for Medicine today to learn how you can afford the latest in xenon arc lamp technology or to have your xenon arc lamps or lighting systems repaired.