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Products for Medicine

Products for Medicine is your location for the widest spectrum of tools and supplies for medical professionals including light sources, xenon lamps, fiber optics and other technical equipment.  Medical equipment is often the biggest investment a doctor or medical center makes, and every medical professional wants only the best equipment for use with patients.  Products for Medicine not only provides the best selection but also ensues the highest quality medical equipment available anywhere.

Products for Medicine is More Than Just A Medical Supply Store

Products for Medicine does more than simply provide doctors, hospitals and clinics with high-quality, low-cost equipment.  Products for Medicine also repairs fiber optic equipment and provides other services for medical professionals.

With a complete line of medical products, Products for Medicine lives up to its name with a complete spectrum of supplies.  Products for Medicine is one of the country's most comprehensive vendors and repair facilities for:

  • Light sources - Light sources are critical for doctors and dentists who do close or precision work.  Products for Medicine offers a complete line of fiber optic light sources and surgical headlights including the WhiteSun 300-Watt Xenon Light Source, the WhiteStar 175-Watt Xenon Light Source and other impressive models.

  • Xenon lamp modules - A xenon lamp produces light that closely resembles sunlight.  With the help of xenon lamps, surgeons, doctors and dentists are able to do very close or fine work more effectively and with a better visual field.  Products for Medicine carries a complete line of xenon lamp modules for every medical need.

  • Fiber optic headlights -  Fiber optic lights are different from other light sources in that the light continues to reflect all the way down the fiber.  Fiber optic lights do not use the same amount of energy nor do they produce heat the way incandescent bulbs can do.  They also do not contain any harmful chemicals such as mercury.  Products for Medicine carries a complete line of fiber optic headlights for use by professionals such as dentists, doctors and surgeons who need the ability to focus a very bright light on a small area.

  • Fiber optic cables - Most people think of computers when they hear "fiber optic cables" but there is a huge need for this technology in the medical field as well.  Fiber optic cables are the main technology behind the endoscope, a device that has revolutionized surgery and diagnosis for millions of doctors and patients.  Products for Medicine offers the very best in fiber optic technology at affordable prices.

  • Flexible endoscopes - There are certain procedures that benefit from the use of the flexible endoscope.  One of the most common is the colonoscopy, but there are other procedures such as the nasal endoscopy that may also be performed with a flexible endoscope.  Products for Medicine carries a full line of flexible endoscope products for those professionals who perform these procedures.

  • Rigid endoscopes - The majority of rigid endoscopes employ some type of dual-glass system in which the two tubes are separated by a thin layer of air space.  Products for Medicine carries the very latest in rigid endoscopic technology, allowing professionals to choose the size and type of every rigid endoscope they order.

  • Camera heads.  Camera heads of all types are available from Products for Medicine for all of our endoscopic and fiber optic technology.

Since 1989, products for medicine has manufactured and sold a completely line of medical and dental OEM light sources at our 7,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Anaheim, California.  Our professionals and technical experts manufacture all of our products on-site and oversee their production to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards and most rigorous requirements for medical professional use.

Comprehensive Repair Facilities On Site

Not only does Products for Medicine sell some of the best medical equipment on the market but also includes a state-of-the-art repair facility for all light sources, lamps and fiber optic equipment.  Fiber optic and light source equipment is expensive, so few doctors or medical centers can afford to simply throw out broken equipment.  Instead, Products for Medicine allows these professionals to send equipment in for a cost-effective repair, lengthening the life of medical equipment safely and conforming to budget needs of small clinics or offices. 

By repairing rather than replacing fiber optic and other expensive medical equipment, medical professionals can help keep the operational costs low for any medical facility, passing those savings on in the form of more affordable health care for patients.  While doctors and clinics struggle to make ends meet in an ever-increasing spiral of rising costs, Products for Medicine does something concrete to help these professionals stay afloat by offering the lowest prices and the best repair options of any fiber optic and light source medical supplier.  Financing is also available for all purchases or repairs so that medical professionals and clinics can afford new or refurbished equipment on a pay-as-you-go basis.

What Else Does Products for Medicine Supply?

Products for Medicine supplies all types of fiber optic surgical headlights, cables and other technical equipment.  However, Products for Medicine can also supply a number of disposable products for use in sterilization tray systems such as the Genesis and Aesculap systems as well as steam, ETO and hydrogen peroxide sterilization systems.  Products for Medicine also supplies full face shields, medical replacement lamps, timers and sockets.  Every medical professional knows that having a reliable way to sterilize equipment is one of the most important aspects of practicing medicine.  Products for Medicine supports the work of medical professionals everywhere by offering the latest equipment sterilization technology at affordable prices so that doctors, clinics and hospitals will all benefit from easy access to top-quality sterilization systems.

Products for Medicine will meet or beat any price offered by other companies on quality medical equipment.  Products for Medicine medical tools are available to all medical professionals along with the very best medical supplies and quality repair on all fiber optic and light source items.