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Products for Medicine Operating Room Equipment

Operating rooms are very special areas and as such they have particular requirements for everything from contact to non-contact surfaces, sound conduction and lighting.  The more advanced the technology in an operating room, the stricter the standards tend to be.

If you are a medical professional who is in charge of ordering equipment for an operating room or if you have a small operating theater in your practice, you know that finding the very best operating room equipment is a big responsibility.

Whether you are looking for the right xenon light source or other lighting or surgical equipment, Products for Medicine has you covered.  We provide the very best surgical lighting equipment as well as a full line of accessories to ensure that you have the biggest choice possible in surgical equipment purchasing.

Not only does Products for Medicine carry a full line of surgical lighting and products, but we also provide professional repair of all fiber optic cable and lighting products as well as other repair services.  If you have an older lighting fixture that needs parts or repair, contact us and allow our professional and knowledgeable experts to help you determine the most cost-effective way to repair or replace your surgical or office medical lighting fixtures.

What Types of Lighting are Used in Various Operating Theaters?

No matter what size an operating theater, it is critical the doctors have the right lighting in order to perform procedures safely.  Some doctors choose to use a xenon light source such as the White Sun Xenon Light Source that provides total lighting solutions.  On the other hand, some surgeons prefer a surgeon headlight for more exact, close-up work.

The typical operating theater today consists of several piece of equipment, including:

  • An operating table that can be tilted at any angle to provide the right work surface for surgery.

  • Operating room lights that cast a strong glow and dispel all shadows.

  • An anesthesia cart that contains medications and equipment and is situated next to the actual anesthesia administration equipment.

  • Tables with sterile instruments and a sterilization machine.

  • Electronic monitors for blood pressure, blood oxygen, pulse and other vital signs.

Some new operating rooms, known as "hybrids," also include diagnostic machinery such as MRI or cardiac monitors.

Each state has its own requirements for standard operating room lighting.  Each state will also have its own demands for electrical standards in health care facilities and there may even be separate requirements by your county or city government or zoning board.  Be sure that you understand the correct lighting standards for your particular location and have those parameters handy when talking to Products for Medicine about designing your ideal operating theater lighting plan.

In order for an operating room to function properly and offer surgeons an appropriate environment in which to work, it is important that they have three qualities.  Operating rooms must always be:

  • Functional.  In order for surgeons to perform the type of work they need to do, it is critical for them to have access to functional spaces.  This means that all equipment must work synergistically in order to make work flow productive.  Lighting, equipment, instruments and machinery must all function properly and every piece must support a positive surgical outcome.  Products for Medicine offers lighting options that will function well with your particular surgical setup.

  • Clean.  Operating rooms must be sterile.  There can be no leniency when it comes to keeping an operating theater clean.  However, clean need not be limited to sterile; an operating room must also be clean from the standpoint of using lighting that emits no radiation or heat.  Keeping the operating surface pristine results in better surgical outcomes, and Products for Medicine offers a full line of equipment focused on providing a clean operating atmosphere.

  • Manageable.  Products for Medicine also focuses on making operating room equipment manageable from both a purchasing and a maintenance standpoint.  We offer the very best prices on surgical lighting and other equipment to allow doctors to afford their own surgical supplies.  However, we also make it easier for doctors to maintain their valuable surgical equipment investments by offering professional repair and maintenance services for all of the lighting and other surgical equipment that we sell.  Medical professionals have the assurance that once they purchase medical equipment from Products for Medicine they will have the reliable maintenance service they need to keep this equipment in top operating condition.

Can I Start My In-Office Surgical Practice With Small Lighting?

Many doctors who perform basic surgical procedures on an out-patient basis look forward to the day when they can create a small operating theater in their own offices.  This removes the necessity for going to the hospital or medical center every time surgery is required for a patient, particularly if the procedure is relatively minor.

However, many doctors simply cannot afford the capital outlay it would take to create an instant surgical center.  Therefore, they often begin small with equipment such as a surgeon headlight that allows them to perform small procedures and work their way up to a full-fledged operating theater.

A surgeon headlight or surgical headlight is a device that provides light precisely where it is needed.  It consists of a headpiece that attaches to the surgeon's head and focuses light down on the spot where the surgeon is working.  This allows the surgeon to see clearly without any shadows so that he or she can perform very detailed, minute work successfully.

Surgical headlights can utilize almost any type of lighting, but many rely on xenon arc lamps for illumination.  This is because these lamps give off little to no heat or radiation to interfere with delicate surgical procedures.

If you are interested in surgical headlamps or other types of operating room equipment, contact Products for Medicine today.  Our friendly professionals can help you determine the best investment for your money in useful surgical equipment that will allow you to take your practice to the next level.